Log houses

Log house Our company produces wooden houses – there is a selection of predesigned ones, but if you want something special, we may build a custom made house in accordance with your needs. Wood is a natural building material and has a lot of advantages which make it a great choice.
  • Wood is an energy efficient material – so the walls don’t even need any additional thermal insulation. Not only you’ll instantly notice how your heating bills decrease, but a wooden house is also a perfect shelter from the heat on those days of summer. Furthermore, it maintains a good humidity level.
  • Wood looks nice by itself, so neither internal nor external finish are unnecessary. Such an environment creates a cozy and warm atmosphere.
  • They are assembled in a very short time – 2 to 3 weeks; all that’s left is to mount the roof and decorate the interior.
Statomas rąstinis namas Wooden houses are built of rectangular (milled) logs. Prices: Made of 16 cm diameter logs – 61 Euro per sq. m. Made of 20 cm diameter logs – 81 Euro per sq. m.