Produced exclusively from high quality pine and spruce logs. Floorboards we offer comply with A/B grade quality standards – there can be no blue stains caused by fungi, no rot, no insect or mechanically caused damage. Those boards are dried – their moisture content is no greater than 12 per cent.

They are specifically designed to be used as floor boards – their surface is planed carefully, so it is really smooth and soft. All that’s left is to apply floor coating – and you have a longliving, warm floor under your feet that brings nature into your house.

Some of the more popular floorboard profile examples are listed below:

ProfileWood speciesDimensions, mm
thickness × width × length
Price for A/B grade, €/m²
(incl. VAT)
Profilis RPGKarelian spruce
Karelian pine
27 × 120 × 4000-540012,27
Profilis RPBSiberian larch28 × 120/145 × 600018,40
Profilis RPTSiberian larch28 × 120/145 × 600018,40